donderdag 9 februari 2017

Vrijdag 10 feb. 2017: Wandelweiser Festival: Muziek & poëzie

Met:Antoine Beuger, Rasha Ragab, Sylvia Alexanda Schimag, Jürg Frey, Michael Pisaro, Leo Svirksy, Dante Boon, Marcus Kaiser, Rishin Singh, Germaine Sijstermans & Lucio Capece

Wandelweiser is the name of an international informal network of experimental composers who share a strong interest in the integration of silence(s) in their music. Perdu is honoured to welcome three Wandelweiser composers who will reflect upon the importance of poetry for their music practices. Jürg Frey approaches the poetry of Gustave Roud's and discusses it in relation to his own work. Michael Pisaro zooms in on the poetry of Susan Howe. Antoine Beuger introduces the poetry of the Spanish poet Clara Janés. His talk will be followed by a performance of her poetry cycle Divan of the Opal of Fire (Or the Legend of Layla and Majnun) by the artists Rasha Ragab, Sylvia Alexanda Schimag and Beuger himself.
Note: make sure you visit the rest of the Amsterdam Wandelweiser Festival that takes place from 9th-12th of February!

Program in Perdu:
Jürg Frey (Switzerland, 1953)
- on Gustave Roud (Switzerland, 1897-1976)
- followed by: Jürg Frey – Paysage pour Gustave Roud (2007/2009) (Jürg Frey, clarinet; Marcus Kaiser, cello; Dante Boon, piano)
Michael Pisaro (USA, 1961)
- on Susan Howe (USA, 1937)
- followed by: Michael Pisaro – Tombstones (2006/2010) (Leo Svirsky, voice; Germaine Sijstermans, clarinet; Lucio Capece, bass clarinet; Rishin Singh, trombone; Dante Boon, piano)
Antoine Beuger (Nederland, 1955)
- on Clara Janés (Spanje, 1940)
- followed by: Clara Janés - Diwan des Feueropals oder die Legende von Leila und Madschnun (Sylvia Alexandra Schimag, voice; Rasha Ragab, voice) with interludes: Antoine Beuger - Lichtblütenblätter (Antoine Beuger, rababa)

Aanvang: 20.00 / deur open: 19.30
Entree: 10 / 7 euro (met kortingspas)
Reserveren kan via de website van Perdu

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