woensdag 12 oktober 2016

Zaterdag 15 okt. 2016: Homo//communis

In samenwerking met Brainwash Festival
Met: Robert Glück, Obe Alkema & Prins de Vos

In conjunction with the Brainwash Festival, experimental literary podium Perdu presents a program touching upon the position and construction of non-heteronormative communities through art and writing. By examining less frequently represented perspectives on relationism and intimacy, we hope to contrast conventional narratives on being and being-together. The seminal New Narrative writer Robert Glück (USA/Sweden) and emerging poet/critic Obe Alkema (Netherlands) shed light on the intersections of philosophical theory, writing, gay identity and the desire for affective communities. Their readings of prose and poetry will be complemented by visual work from Dutch artist Prins de Vos. 
 Obe Alkema (1993) is a poet, critic and artistic entrepreneur. His poetry and essays have been published in various Dutch and international journals such as DW B, Sector 2337 and Metatron. He currently writes poetry reviews for the NRC Handelsblad.

Robert Glück (1947), one of the founders of the San Francisco-based New Narrative movement, is a renowned writer of hybrid novels, consisting of autobiographical storytelling, theory and gossip. Communal Nude, a collection of his essays, was recently published by Semiotext(e).

Prins de Vos (1991) is a photographer. Recently he published the photo-book Enclose, which novelist Arthur Japin has called “a work of love. It is the repercussion of an immersive surrender, a passionate quest for understanding and security, and a celebration of the other and the own.”

More detailed information about the programs and exact times will follow.

Entree: 7 / 5 EUR (for students, vrienden van perdu, stadspashouders, vvl-leden)
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