vrijdag 20 mei 2016

Vrijdag 27 mei 2016: A Negation That Wasn’t Erased

Met: Jane Lewty, Miri Lee, Bhanu Kapil (video performance), Dania Awin & Donya Ahmadi
“for embodiment, for figuration, for what happens to bodies when we link them to the time of the event, which is to say—unlived time, the part of time that can never belong to us—I would like to present: a list of the errors I made as a poet engaging a novel-shaped space, the space of a book: set: on a particular day and at a particular time: April 23rd, 1979. The novel begins at 4 p.m.—just as Ban—a brown [black] girl—is walking home from school. She orients to the sound of breaking glass, and understands the coming violence has begun. Is it coming from the far-off street or is it coming from her home? Knowing that either way she’s done for—she lies down to die” (p. 20, Ban en Banlieue).

This evening is for Ban.

Let us think about the social and physical negation that women of colour have to endure.
A negation that isn’t erased, but that marks the body.
The violence of a negation.

“She is collapsing to her knees then to her side
in a sovereign position” (p. 32, Ban en Banlieue).
She lies down, she convulses, she twitches, she spasms.

How can the movements in a dying process be transformed?
How do we recirculate energy in a new way?

What we will experience, together:
A pre-recorded performance by Bhanu Kapil.
A dance performance by Miri Lee.
A communal sharing with Dania Awin, Donya Ahmadi and others.
Poems and lecture notes by Jane Lewty.

Zaal open: 20:00
Aanvang: 20:30
Entree: 7 / 5 euro*
Programme in English
Reserveren via website Perdu

*korting geldt voor studenten, stadspashouders, vrienden van Perdu, VvL-leden

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